Morning Sun

… after the minor dust-storm yesterday, seeing the sun was – for a change – rather a nice thing.
Some snaps on the way to his nursery during a beautiful sunrise (only 23 degrees Celsius in shade at that time! I’ve been waiting for this weather for months!).

Abbas seems to enjoy walking in the small patch of desert left within the neighbourhood, pretending to be sinking in the deeper, soft sandy areas. He can be pretty funny at times. When he wants.
And no. This isn’t our house.

This Is How Czech Press Works: (Shame on you, people!)

I am sorry, my country. Your news are no news at all.
Disregard the fact that the article linked (further down) is half a year old in the world beyond the Czech border (and from my side appears to be either removed or banned now, but it had enough hours to spill its poison over the czech blogosphere and fed the minds who eat all the news given to them by these so called serious portals, press and TV without a shred of doubt).
The fact that a news portal took and let in the air an article severely damaging the image of certain group of people without actually verifying the stated is true, is simply appalling, and completely lazy, amateurish and unprofessional.
The person in question took an article from a portal, most likely (since the Czech translation matches the English version); which itself took the “news” from Pakistan Today, where it still exists in peace and original state – as a satirical column.
How did a satirical piece of work in one country (pointing out silliness of its own organisation within the state) ended up as serious news in another half a year later?
Well, that’s surely a question to be answered.
And a small note to all people in Czech who argument against Islam and Muslims with the sentence “I read it in the press, I saw it in the TV,” – here you go! Don’t believe a thread of it; they do lie to you.

It appears that 20 minutes after I went bonkers on the article source at the screenshotted Facebook page, someone took the piece down and edited the perex to reflect the fact it came from a satirical column. The edited article has a longer title and link as well.
I am glad it is fixed now, however that kind of mistake shouldn’t be allowed into the world in the first place.

It took me 2 minutes of googling that said topic to find the original column, and Ms. Tereza Marková, EuroZprá, should be more than ashamed.
And believe me, this is not a single time occurrence. I’ve seen that kind of “work” in Czech press and TV repeatedly.

Yes! All Three.

All three kids in the same picture, looking in the same direction, and not moving for that half a second it took to snap it. Picture! Done! Rare! (I think only a person with three kids – or more for that matter – knows how nearing impossible is to make a spontaneous photo of all of the offspring together without any of them crying, beating up someone else, or fighting over a toy, making the picture totally unusable, blurry, or generally unrepresentative.)
True, Maryam looks slightly disgusted, but hey. Three! In one picture!

Usual mischief and destruction, otherwise. (Three!)

Hookin’ in Barrens

Crocheting (along with some uncomplicated knitting, WoW and Sims) is my go to option when trying to relax a bit. It is not easy sometimes, as there are three kids trying their best not to let me do anything which doesn’t include them, but small projects work fine. Granny squares are great for that; or slow Ironman challenge in the games.

Sometimes I tend to crochet while playing; or watching movies. Sitting at the TV alone these days, with my husband enjoying himself in Europe while I grow slowly insane from my own children (did you ever try to wean a stubborn, hysterical two and a half year old with an Arabian temperament and Czech thick-headiness off a bottle without his cooperation? Grand recipe for a migraine induced by rather inhumane screams.).
I have a lot of squares in making, and than to be stitched together, into a hopefully a little handsome project, an easy pattern to memorize and rather quick to whip up.
Lets see if I can finish it before my getaway spouse comes home. Or if I’ll use my 2mm steel hook to commit a murder.

PS: Barrens his way.


I had to disable comments (not that I had many, but anyway), as the spam problem just grew from big to enormous. So comment you shall, but only logged in through Facebook.
I’ve probably finished the house we’re supposed to build, its model that is; in Google Sketch Up, and than found out, 3Ds Max might’ve been better choice, so I am currently busy soaking up hours of tutorials on proper work in there. The V-Ray is better there for sure.

Maryooma is in a hurry and at seven months crawls on all four with no hesitation and started to kneel and stand up. Sitting is still not interesting enough to try it out, either.
Dear husband is leaving us in 2 days for a holiday in Italy, where he’s gonna relax his chops and mind from the crazy family – while I’ll probably just run completely nuts.