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Status: Open

↠ All commissions are modifiable! All you need to do is write a message and I’ll work with you towards what you imagine as a desired result. No colour lineart, full colour lineart, b&w shading, hatching – I’m flexible. Don’t be afraid to ask. ↞

What do I offer at the moment:

✑  ‘Quick sketch’ – 20$
– messy lines, usually coloured only partially only
– can be modified to no colour, looser lines, multiple subjects, etc.

✑  Lineart – bust 20$, torso 25$, full body 30$
– tighter, cleaned up lines
– can include hatching or cell shadows
– additional characters in picture half a price (2 busts 30$, 2 torsos 37$, 2 fulls 45$)

✑  Coloured lineart – bust 30$, torso 45$, full body 60$
– includes lineart as above, but with colours
– can have cell shading or more natural shading
– additional characters in picture half a price (2 busts 45$, 2 torsos 67$, 2 fulls 90$)

What I won’t draw: I have certain reservations about drawing a full on porn and it is likely a request for such will be kindly returned. I also tend to steer away from gore and extreme violence.

What I will draw: Pretty much anything that’s not the above. If it’s less mainstream request, I may be new to the topic and may require few more days to experiment and learn – however I will not turn you down, as long as you’re patient. Which means that you can throw my way robots, furries, animals, mix of between, soft-porn (without explicit genitalia in works), kisses, standard nude studies, etc.; hell, if you feel super-adventurous, ask me to do a landscape. I’m terrible at landscapes.




Coloured lineart


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