YAPQ – Yet Another Photo Quickie

Some photos from our trip to Jihlava ZOO; in a miserable weather (around -8 degrees) with lots of snow in the face, but otherwise actually a worthwhile trip.

There was this cutest little monkey – pygmy marmoset (Callithrix pygmaea), so curious over my camera and attire, he interrupted his snack in the middle and came right to the glass to check me out, tilting head both sides, probably trying to figure out why’s that big monkey so interested in him.
Also the otters were big success with us as they were trying to teach their little one something which resulted in the young one falling in a freezing pond and very loudly expressing his opinion on that matter afterwards.

Dori was happy to see so many new animals, Mr. Pickles didn’t really much care except for piranhas and I got my old 50/2.0 out for once – half blind from snow and haze over my glasses, but hey; no complaints.