Worried about Me?? // by DarkHoliday

Ive been here in England for the past 2 years. The amount of religious people knocking on my door wanting to Convert me to what ever they believe is too many to count.
It is funny how people instead of perfecting them selves bother them selves and other with this nonsense. But I enjoy it:P cause I like to see their reaction when I open the door and they notice that I have a beard and dark skinned with middle Eastern features :D It is sometimes too funny I mean, one time 2 Mormons 1 black and the other was Asian (China or so) knocked on my door It was early in the day so I just woke up :P with a deep voice I opened the door and said Yes? their facial expression changed from this to this but hats off to them they still did not give up they told me who they are and whats their mission.

They also asked if I believe in God. I said Yes I believe in Allah Aka God. The faces changed to this and left. I like to learn about all religions. I actually tried to get a copy of their bible. which eventually i was able too (yay me). Previous to that when I was in in another area Jehovah witnesses visited me on a weekly bases. They were shocked at first but they were trying their best to convert me. Now if they only knew what I know they wouldn’t have bothered. But Anyways I appreciate that. I enjoy it cause it shows what others believe in and gives me a better understanding of the other religions. However what I do not appreciate is when some one comes with full throttle accusing my religion of something because of one or all of the following:
Someone from my religion did something nasty to his or others.
He/she read books from my religion but different faction and accuse the whole religion for it.
He/she read the book in their own language and got his own understanding of it.
I think that is all.
First of all, almost all major religions had a party of people committing crimes in the name of that religion KKK=Alqaida=Zionist. All kill in the name of something.
Lets take KKK first, they believe in white power and all others should be killed. crazy isn’t it?(if you think not what they hell are you doing reading my blog:P)
Alqaida, They believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in what they believe is an infidel. sounds as crazy as the above doesn’t it?:P
Zionist, I kill you because 5000 years ago something happened. If you fight back I kill you, you family and destroy the whole area you live in. Hmmm that doesn’t see any less insane than than the previous two. I know its a political movement, same goes for the other two. a bunch of people from a certain religion doing something. That’s my point.
I say to …. wow I went out of topic… I am tired and I want to sleep :( Good night :P

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