We’ll be (Inshallah) Going to Wales!

This has been in planning for months now and hopefully will finally come to fruition – but as it is with anything and us, I’m holding off on being too happy about it until I have my butt seated in, mhm, probably the taxi from Manchester to our destination. As it is a trip with four kids, one being a baby still, this will be something to behold; I bet my new Sketchers (bought for the trip) on it.

But, the flight is booked, the taxi and hotel are as well, all that’s left is for us to get on the plane and endure a 12 hour journey towards the little coastal town.


(And yes, I have picked up Japanese as a new shiny hobby, as well. It’s been 5th month now and it’s a slow progress self-study, but I tend to be super stubborn about my personally set goals so hopefully, one day…I’ll be able to read that novel I have bought. Prematurely. As a motivation.)