Virgin Media: Powerful Incompetence

The internet service provider for a big part of Britain has a widely spread advertisement: Powerful Stuff.
It promises broadband of nice download limits (we personally pay for XL package, supposedly 20Mb which we never got, but, oh well), nice upload, TV and phone line; package of powerful stuff.
We bought it – and started to use XL package, 20Mb download, not so bad fair user policy.
Virgin was serving ok for nearly two years. Occasional problems with lag usually solved in few hours.
When a problem occurred, Virgin has shown it’s real face.
Crap support, crap service, crap excuses.
Our internet connection is literally worse than dial-up for about a month already. It randomly even disconnects, just for sure. Pings to close servers end up in time outs mostly. When they manage to go through, the show catastrophic numbers of 1000+ ping within the island, package loss in most of the cases over 10%.
First call, maintenance.
When the imaginative maintenance of some incompetent support member passed by and our internet still sucked, we gave them a second call.
Second call, too much students in the area.
Yeah, right. And last year Newcastle didn’t have a student in town. Bull-poo. If you can’t have a server which can support enough people on 20Mb per household, don’t  offer it! That is suable false advertisement and cancellation is for free. Because you fail to deliver something you agreed to provide in the contract. We pay money, you give us service. Not like now – we pay money and you messed up, but you won’t admit it.
Third call was already clear – just another bull-poo about another imaginative maintenance to shut us up, the usual round of making excuses about our end of line (trace route show else, you stupid *bleep*).
Fourth call will be only for one purpose.
We are changing ISP.
And we personally will recommend to everyone we know and who is at Virgin to move to other provider as well.
For the money you get only lamest excuses of untrained staff at helpline – that is, if you are able to get anyone.
Virgin Media sucks.
Don’t buy their services.
They are incompetent and  have no idea what latency is, and they will provide you only with powerful poo.

Incompetency of ISP Virgin Media

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