Urge to Purge? Pro-Ana isn’t necessarily Pro-Life and Thinspo is for stupid cows

I always wanted to be slim. Not Twiggy skinny, but that still didn’t persuade me that Audrey Hepburn shouldn’t be my body ideal.
And I still think that nicely slim girl, especially Asian, can look adorable, tender and I just feel like taking them home and caring about them – and not, I’m not lesbian.

At this very moment is my ideal any slim Asian woman, maybe because I can’t ever be like them. I still think they’re the most beautiful creatures walking on Earth.
But that’s not the issue – I am clever enough to realize where are my borders and also I can compare myself when being ‘average’ and when being ‘slim’, and I certainly prefer to complain a bit about my weight and be happy and satisfied, that be skinny, depressed and touchy. Being 12 kg lighter and much less happy? No way.
My eye and mind recently caught that humongous wave of pro-ana (anorectic) blogs, fashion and lifestyle, if I can even call that lifestyle; I certainly prefer the word deathstyle.
Even if you Google “pro ana”, the first related searches from mighty Google itself come “Related searches: pro ana tips and tricks, how to become anorexic”, which is scary enough, because Google uses system where it relates the most looked for words related to the first search.
How to become anorexic? Aww, girls, I have a special facility for you, it’s name is Darfur – heaven of pro-ana people, isn’t it. No more worries about calories, no more worries about feeling ugly, much more worries about the survival itself. But, wait… On one of the blogs I came across was in comments mentioned that people who make themselves starve to death for fun should be sent to a place like that, and the author of the blog replied that she would be finally happy…!
Maybe we should shoot them at place, it would spare much money and free the facilities to people who really need it…
Why is this such a problem of our society, where we have such a huge surplus of food supplies per head? We have a lot of spare time to think about stupid things. We look to skinny celebrities and models to be like them, while our role models should be people like Mother Teresa, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, successful scientists, or religious figures if you prefer to be only within the borders of religion – and I’m not talking about the corrupted living ones (Ahlul Bayt are nice ones to look to, in my case).
Pro-ana isn’t a thing to relate to. If you wanna die, go and tell your friend to shoot you in the head – it will be easier for you, your family and for the system, no need to drag your family and people close to you in the shit of your insecurity about yourself, because a boy from school told you that you look fat, ugly or stupid. Get over it, those are people for you…
If you starve yourself to death because you like the skeleton of Keira Knightley, and your parents tell you to study and feel good about yourself, but you feel the urge to go against what they say, just because, if you refuse to eat because the skinny jeans look so awesome on your 90 lbs friend who sniffs secretly cocaine on the toilet because she is spoiled brat who doesn’t cherish her life enough, if you eat a spoon of grain a day not to get “fat” just because you want to be more emo, more pro-ana or satisfy your friends instead of you yourself, you do not deserve to burden the society around you with your whines and you should go die in the corner – nobody gives a fuck about your hip bones showing enough.
(Now, when I got it out of my system, lets continue on more civilized tone.)
Dr. Phil – Deadly thin, pt. 1
Dr. Phil – Deadly thin, pt. 2
Dr. Phil – Deadly thin, pt. 3
Dr. Phil – Deadly thin, pt. 4
Dr. Phil – Deadly thin, pt. 5
This is one of the many documented cases of somebody suffering from a deadly eating disorder, in a quite sensation tone though, but the message is clear.
At this point I am not pointing at persons suffering of eating disorders because a serious psychological problem led to it (continuous child abuse), but at teenage girls having nothing better to do than count calories and starve themselves to death just because it is in.
It’s not!
Ladies, what is in is a happy life. And believe it or not, being skinny doesn’t lead to happiness, even though some people may claim otherwise. It is well documented, written down and proven by many thousands of years of living of the human race.
Starving people are not happy. They can think only about food. It’s logical – it is essential to satisfy your hunger in order to survive, than comes the rest. Starving is not in – happy and healthy life is. And skinny people have same amount of health problems as obese ones. Any extreme is wrong, and somewhere deep inside, even the really sick persons know it, and want to change it.
So don’t fall for fashion. If you let fashion and friends decide your life, than you are a simpleton and weakling. Stand for yourself. Love yourself. Make your life happy and don’t follow every drop of filth of celebrities and fashion industry.
Thinspo doesn’t equal to happy. Thinspo equals to the lowest garbage of society together with criminals taking lives. Because it takes many lives too!
Be in – be yourself!