The Kind of Heavenly Marriage

After a year of simple Britain’s procedures when it comes to any official stuff, I almost forgot, how messy it can get around our native governments and laws.
First bad news which stroke me today was the fact that it’s definitely not simple to legalize a British marriage in Czech, although both countries are members of EU and parts of Hague Convention, hence it shouldn’t be a real pain to do stuff between each other – but oh well, at least they don’t insist on dragging my husband from Kuwait to Czech… now. Just tones of papers, translated, stamped and legalized – and than travel to Brno and hope that everything will go through.
Second bad news stroke me a while after that. Well, my paperworks are really just a tiny problem compared to this – Kuwait government refused to legalize British civil marriage. The judge refused the paper, although it was done as the Kuwaiti embassy in Britain demanded; and replied, on my husband’s wonderment, how to make them legalize it after this, that the only way is to sue them.
Yay us. Abood decided to do so – and my holidays in Kuwait swiftly moved to next year – well, hopefully at least that – and my stay in Czech got suddenly prolonged to 2 months. The court process won’t get cheap neither, and there’s still this tiny possibility, that even that ruling will go against us…
My husband seems to reach his boundaries at this summer already, and we are still not even a half way through.
Every time we think, oh, finally, we got it over with, something new stands up and stick right in the middle of our way, and doesn’t make it easy for us to avoid it, jump over, go under, whatever…
So now, what is left? Hope. And our, recently very popular, yet with a bitter taste, saying, that everything, what goes with difficulties, has a greater reward for us… in this case, our marriage is getting heavenly.

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