The Feminized Western Men

Not so long ago, few days back actually, I was at a hairdresser, making her go nuts over my husbands idea have me blond again, because although I’m ash blond naturally, he previously desired a brunette and I made him happy. It is, though, much easier to turn a blond into a brunette than a brunette back into a blond.
As I had few hours to spare while she was trying not to burn my hair away, I had enough time to go through all those magazines for women with zero informations and a lot of gossip, which I normally don’t even think of looking in, but, oh well, I was really bored and falling asleep with had full of aluminium wasn’t my imagination of a proper visit.
Although those magazines always contain a lot of stuff nobody needs to know, it caught my eye on one – really obvious, but I’m always late in those – problems; and that is the water pollution.
Not the regular environmental stuff to make you buy ‘bio’ food and ‘bio’ made stuff, but the pollution which comes from humans only – the medical pollution.
The amount of remedies and medicines we, especially in western world, eat daily is unbelievable and everyone knows that for sure.
What we often forget is the fact that by eating them it doesn’t really end; our organism takes what we need and the rest goes away, in our urine mostly. This goes through the sewage to the water plants; but water plants can’t really get rid of hormones and particles as such.
Many of the cities than take the drinking water back from the lower streams of rivers and de facto pump us with all those medicaments back; one problem is already very visible; and that is rapidly growing level of female hormone oestrogen in out waters, mainly caused by the amount of contraception pill taken by the females, so happy to have the ‘freedom of choice’, to literally fuck around without any consequences such as the feared-by-many unwanted pregnancy. But the second consequence, the less visible one, which is the very unwanted level of hormones left in our drinking waters, is not taken into account.
Oestrogen is “Primary female sexual hormone that promotes the development of women’s secondary sex characteristics (mental and physical)” []; it is present in the healthy body of both sexes and in both cases plays different important role, but in women’s body it is naturally at higher level. Oestrogen is responsible for women’s sexy bodies, as well as for fuel in case of breast cancer. Oestrogen can cause many changes in a male body if present in higher (or eventually lower, but that’s not this case) level than it was designed for, “male oestrogen promotes weight gain and can cause health problems as well, like hormonal cancers, coronary atherosclerosis, stroke, lethal blood clots, peripheral artery disease and even heart attacks. Male oestrogen can also inhibit the building of muscle mass.” [Male oestr.].
Excessive amount of oestrogen in male’s body can lead to problems with fertility, and as such should be also paid attention to; aren’t we having already enough problems in our trying for babies, in our free western world? “Oestrogens act primarily by suppressing pituitary gonadotropin secretion, resulting in secondary testicular failure,” [] (gonadotropins are responsible for growth and development of ovaries/testes, not something what we can have not); so extreme water and hence environmental pollution with high levels of oestrogen (and partially other feminine hormones which are parts of contraception pills) might be giving us hard time later on, if we want to have many children here and don’t go for men from areas with much less oestrogen pollution.

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