The Crucial Third Date

The evening our plane landed, rolling on the concrete of Newcastle International Airport, we had our third official, face-to-face, date with (F)DH*.
Not as a saying, for real.
Let’s make a short turn deeper in my funny past; we know each other for about seven years now (since I was on a grammar school). We didn’t think about each other in any other way but as friends, even our first meeting and ‘date’ was something innocent and without kiss or anything more. Just talking and walking through Vysehrad.
I had my life and Abood had his own. We were just two people from different ends of the world, who wanted to meet in real, not only through internet (where we actually first came across each other), post and phone, but we were both having our own route in life and they met quite accidentally and for a short while only at that time.
Since that point we had a short communication break, than we started talk to each other again and I gave birth to my sweet daughter; which was due to wrong decisions of mine without father (and will always be without the biological one); moved from Prague back to my hometown in south Bohemia, but we kept being in touch.
Our second date took place in 2007, in Roudnice, now intentionally.
Abood, seeing my not-so-pleasant situation back at home, where I was taking care of a newborn as well as almost 90 years old grandmother suffering of aggressive form of dementia, made an unimaginable step for our European point of view – offered me marriage, steady house, happy (hopefully) life. And I made another step in not so western way and agreed.
We decided to have a ‘test drive’ in muta’a; that was our second date. 14 days, one place, me, Dori and him. We clicked at the first time we saw each other and the 14 days just confirmed that it can work out. Dori fell in love with him; he knew without doubts how to treat a child and a woman, I didn’t have a problem to say yes to the – at that time – agreement. We went once again our own ways, me back to the south of the Czech, him to the Kuwait.
The situation at home with my grandmother went worse and worse and we tried to figure out a way how to make the deal doable asap; for our luck Abood’s scholarship for mechanical engineering arrived and we were facing one big opportunity – 3 years spent in England, 3 years of ‘trial’ or ‘bridge’, before I move with him to his country. Don’t grab that!
Uncertain about the proper date I was left in ‘vacuum’, where I didn’t exactly believe it’s all happening; second week of September he called me, that I have 5 days to pack my life in one suitcase. And I did. Two days before I left Czech a horrible thing happened to my grandma which actually caused her moving to hospice and removed the biggest reason of our previous deal; but we were already slowly but surely falling in a deep love with each other. 3600 kilometers between Kuwait and Czech dividing us, but modern technologies keeping us in touch and not letting the relationship to die.
The day I left is already mentioned.
Our third date started in the Prague International Airport and is still amazingly going on, after 2 years without problems, full of love, respect and happiness (alhamdulilah).
We are still in muta’a, though; the Islamic community in Newcastle was giving us hard time due to papers, which we finally got about a month ago from immigration office with an official approval to marry in the Kingdom of Britain, and after it with dates, witnesses and other silly stuff.
We finally decided to drop the mosque ceremony for now (eventually for England at all) and went to the Civic Center to set up a civil marriage by the law of UK, and the paper works are going on now; hopefully we will be officially married by the end of next month, with all the needed officialities.
The next step is to take the papers back to our countries and get it confirmed with Czech and Kuwait… Maybe our fourth date?

* – DH: Dear Husband. FDH: Future Dear Husband.