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Další z krásných slunečných a větrných dnů. Neodolám a beru Dori do parku teď každý den, ačkoliv vím, že by si spíš měla hrát na nějaké organizované skupince s ostatními dětmi, ale Bůh ví, jak dlouho tohle počasí vydrží. Skupinky jsou lepší pro deštivé dny, a těch tu máme také požehnaně… Žádní Indové dnes v parku negrilovali, možná to bude tím, že je pondělí a my byli v Heaton Parku v poledne, kdy většina normálních lidí v produktivním věku pracuje, a tak jsme v parku narazili jen na mimina a děcka, co zahýbali za školu.

Barbecue Days

Care to sit?

In Newcastle we have two types of barbecue days. One, the ideal, first type, is sunny and almost not windy. That, however, occurs quite rarely and not much people are willing to wait long enough to get it. That’s where the second barbecue day comes into the picture.
Second type of barbecue day is a day as on the picture above. Mostly sunny with very, very, very fresh air. It’s so windy, that our neighbour’s trash can almost smashed us on the walk, because it was just happily flying around in the wind. Day like that is beautiful, but one can’t really wear anything big, because he might simply fly away (and join that trash can on the way of exploration of our area). On the walk one can come across many strange things laying on the streets, from shoes, pieces of clothes, to trash cans from 5 streets away, to armchairs, mattresses, dining tables and other stuff which shouldn’t really be outside.
Needless to say, that as soon as the wind blows away and a calmer (= rainy) day comes, the city council cleans the city from all that brag around and patiently waits for just another barbecue day of a second type.
And why barbecue day? Because families take their small travel grills and sit in any big grass areas, like Heaton Park near our flat, and happily have a ‘dinner out’. On yesterday’s walk we came across two families, one small English, one big Indian. They made me certainly hungry!

Happy 3rd birthday!

Birthday Bath

So my little baby turns 3 years today; oh my, oh my, the time just flies by… It feels just like a short while ago I could carry her around on one hand, now she runs around as quick as me. May God bless her.

Můj malý andílek je dnes již větší, o další rok, hrozně to letí, děti rostou tak moc rychle… Mám pocit, jako by to bylo včera, kdy jsem ji chovala v jedné ruce, malinkou, a dnes sama běhá okolo a pokřikuje na nás ve třech jazycích, i když tedy nedokonale :)

Happy Birthday to You, Dori!
Všechno nejlepší ke třetím narozeninám, myško.


Very motivating and educative picture on undies for 3 years old girls

Very motivating and educative picture on undies for 3 years old girls; bought in Czech Rep.

This came today from Czech from my mum for my daughter; my mum didn’t have any idea about the quite disturbing picture on the panties.
When we unpacked it we didn’t really know if we should laugh, how ridiculous can the distributor be; or cry over the state of society we got, since this situation is presented to children of 3 years of age as totally normal and acceptable… (or maybe as a hint hint?)
My daughter won’t make any sense of it at this point, but it is still sad what is viewed as a standard frame for ethics and morals we teach our children nowadays…

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the Innocence of Childhood

Potty Training

Said my husband today; thinking about his sweet age and comparing it with nostalgic look in his beautiful black eyes with the presence, problematic, hard, complicated, not easy and carefree as it used to be 25 years ago…
The age, when you are praised for what is obviosity now; the age, when you could feel trouble-free, because your parent took care of everything; the age, when you could do excesses and people would find it cute, not crazy and irresponsible.

Gettin’ it done

Tired from long walk to City Council registrar office in the town center, Dori was extremely quiet and nice today. Funny fact is, that she didn’t walk at all, we took a carriage, just in case, and she didn’t move from it ever since.
The visit of civic center was finally a bit positive in our case, because we seem to come across a person who doesn’t request insane things (or unneeded, we were said we need an approval from immigration office, which costs 300£, not a really small amount for our budget nowadays, and than we were confirmed later on by embassy as well as officials of Britain that the person requesting that paper doesn’t have the proper right to perform with it anyways, so he shouldn’t have request that in a first place.), and who is helpful; eventually willing from his position help us get through the difficulties we are facing when it comes to realizing everything to be official. Inshallah it will finally all go through, because we both, me and Aboody, are getting really tired and bothered from all the countries acting up and throwing painful branches under our toes just because of a really simple act.
We, though, will have to pay another not-so-small amount of money for official ceremony, because the law of United Kingdom states that a ceremony is required and a simple notary act can be done only for registered couples, which we definitely aren’t. Lucky us.