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I Don’t Feel Like Writing…

… these days I prefer to picture the world around me instead of describing it.
Though… not even that is much successful.
So here I bestow upon you my latest worthless snapshot of everyday life of mine, my family and these things around. Brushing the teeth. Wouldn’t figure that out, would you?


I finished the most upseting game in history, Mirror’s Edge. First person action-adventure, running on the roofs of skyscrapers and generally sickening heights (and I don’t really suffer from sickness of heights), ambush disarming of S.W.A.T. team members trying to shoot you down while jumping from rooftop to rooftop, kicking anti-riot police into faces and feeling like monkey once again (Assassin’s Creed is more monkey-like in this matter, I’m telling you). I finished it with big relief and kind of sadness too. Too short. Love and hate relationship to it. As most of the players who tried to play this EA / Dice creation. Often rage-quitting after being unable to jump from one narrow AC shaft to another, or being repeatedly sent to bite the dust after running into way too many gun-holding persons who don’t hesitate to use them. Actually, I bet my shoes they enjoy it.
Anyways, nothing much happening now. Calm days, thank God for that. The snow melted in most of the places and the life tempo of N’Castle is slowly restoring back to normal.
I have about three weeks to prepare myself and Dori for a visit in Czech, during February. Feels a bit unreal still.
Nah, as I said. Not much in a writing mood, so I’m off to snapshotting again.
Or playing Mirror’s Edge in Hard Mode. Heh. No way. I would kill myself after few tries.


Strange Tastes, Extraordinary Order and Mist around the Angel of the North


I’ve always wondered what tastes can people from other countries get; what do they like and what do they eat and what won’t they ever put in their mouths. Interesting topic, unfortunately only a little bit tied to the country of origin, more to the person him/herself.
Me and Abood got some of ‘our’ tastes though; and they are, indeed, strange for the other one. I’ve got used to the fact I make sometimes for the breakfast bread with strawberry / blueberry / blackberry jam and toast cheese. Weird, isn’t it? I mean, I would never, ever combine sweet marmelade with salty cheese in one meal! Odd taste.
But… than I’ve remembered that I got my own weird thing to eat, at least in the eyes of my husband, and that is bread with butter and leek. Yeah! You read right; I might not bite on onions as my brother does, but I stuff fresh leek in my sandwich. So I guess we can call it fifty fifty. Me and my contraception sandwich (you can imagine the breath after that, right?); and Abood and his saltsweet toast. Oh yeah, sometimes I also heat up the cheese for it, so it will be melty. Yummy!