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The Feminized Western Men

Not so long ago, few days back actually, I was at a hairdresser, making her go nuts over my husbands idea have me blond again, because although I’m ash blond naturally, he previously desired a brunette and I made him happy. It is, though, much easier to turn a blond into a brunette than a brunette back into a blond.
As I had few hours to spare while she was trying not to burn my hair away, I had enough time to go through all those magazines for women with zero informations and a lot of gossip, which I normally don’t even think of looking in, but, oh well, I was really bored and falling asleep with had full of aluminium wasn’t my imagination of a proper visit.
Although those magazines always contain a lot of stuff nobody needs to know, it caught my eye on one – really obvious, but I’m always late in those – problems; and that is the water pollution.
Not the regular environmental stuff to make you buy ‘bio’ food and ‘bio’ made stuff, but the pollution which comes from humans only – the medical pollution.
The amount of remedies and medicines we, especially in western world, eat daily is unbelievable and everyone knows that for sure.
What we often forget is the fact that by eating them it doesn’t really end; our organism takes what we need and the rest goes away, in our urine mostly. This goes through the sewage to the water plants; but water plants can’t really get rid of hormones and particles as such.
Many of the cities than take the drinking water back from the lower streams of rivers and de facto pump us with all those medicaments back; one problem is already very visible; and that is rapidly growing level of female hormone oestrogen in out waters, mainly caused by the amount of contraception pill taken by the females, so happy to have the ‘freedom of choice’, to literally fuck around without any consequences such as the feared-by-many unwanted pregnancy. But the second consequence, the less visible one, which is the very unwanted level of hormones left in our drinking waters, is not taken into account.

Jak cekání na Godota…

… je čekání na datum, kdy opustíme s Doubravkou ČR a vydáme se zpět k neumětelům (rozuměj, UK).
Neboť pořád nevíme, jestli můj předrahý prošel u zkoušek za semestr nebo ne, a marně čekáme na odpověď emailem od jakéhosi prázdninujícího se profesora, lépěji pak řečeno Hlavního vedoucího studijního programu, na kterém je Drahý Manžel přihlášen (za hříšné tisíce liber per semestr, ale co, dokud nepropadá, platí mu výdaje na školné práce, která ho na studia inženýrská poslala).
Písemně sdělené výsledky se záhadně liší od publikovaných na webu školy, a po telefonu mu nic nesdělí. Chtějí ho osobně, v Británii. Těžko si odskočit po obědě z domu, že; možná, kdyby to nebylo několik tisíc kilometrů z ruky, pak by to, opravdu možná, vcelku šlo.
Leč nevíme dne, ani hodiny.
Dnes Aboody vyrazil na nákupy, pořídit mi nový notebook jako náhradu za ten starý, kterému jsem úspěšně uklohnila grafiku, jež integrovaně pokazila pokusy o její výměnu; a také (konečně) snubní prstýnek, který nemám, na svatbě jsem nedostala (nechcete alespoň muziku? – optala se stručností obřadu zjevně zmatená zástupkyně matriky, a na zápornou odpověď si povzdychla, že to tedy bude rychlé) a dosud se mi vyhýbal.
Mám o něm totiž vcelku konkrétní představu, a tím to nedělám drahému příliš lehké. Já a kytičky. Musím je mít i na snubním prstýnku. Jaký sežene nakonec, uvidím, jen tiše doufám, že nic okázalého a předraženého, jak jsem ho několikrát upozornila, a jak jsem několikrát byla šušnuta zpět.
Dále musí povyřídit věci okolo víz a islámského sňatku v Kuvajtu, jakožto i letenky zpět, a tak dále, a tak dále, není toho až tolik, ale také toho není málo.
A někdy se to vleče jak žvejkačka.


So we got out personal Jinn.
According to my husband it’s a female, possessive kind, and rather annoying.
I didn’t believe in her and found it maybe a bit stress relieving for Aboody, but under the light of recent happenings I eventually agreed on calling our new Jinn Squishy. ‘Coz she keeps on squashing us, heh.
According to Islamic teachings Jinns are creatures made from fire, unlike mud-made humans, and were residing on Earth before we did; and they still live here together with us, but for us invisible, as they’re different kind of being, different dimension, we might say.
Even Shaytan – devil – the ruler of Hell, is a Jinn. He was the most religious one from all the creatures, but refused to bow to mud-made humans thinking that fire is better and superior, and got chased off his … let’s say prominent… position on the Earth. He promised though to prove that humans are worse sinners than Jinns were.
So we got our personal Jinn now; she is putting difficulties in our way and spoiling everything, even a simple communication through MSN, as I’m in Czech now and my husband is in Kuwait, both thousands of kilometres away from each other; hoping to have at least the talk through messenger – but not even that is wished to us.
Ok, I take it more as a joke than really seriously, because I don’t believe Jinns could do so much things, not over spoiling thoughts and putting wrong ideas in the head, maybe. But, oh well, I’m still a noob, in the club only for several years, about … 9, 10 maybe. What is it against a born Muslim, who doesn’t doubt the spoiling tries of possessive female Jinns.
(But I still think the guy who told this to my husband should smoke less hashish. I mean, Jinns, OK; but knowing the sex and kind? That’s a lot of particular stuff, right? Too much, one might say.)

The Goo’ Ol’ Times

Although I don’t have any access to any decent PC now, namely my own notebook, I still do like to take pictures on my camera; all the taken photographs are still on my memory card and have to wait for me to come back to N’Castle – but it will be, in the end, unexpectedly soon.
I didn’t wanna let slip away one photo opportunity these days: we own an old, far more than 100 years old, house in the same town we live now, and the old house is left empty already many years; nearly twenty now.
We used to live there for a short while, I mean we as our current, recent family; I have some memories tied to the place still. But before us, long time ago, there was living the previous part of our family, my dad, my grandmother, even grand-grandparents.
And the house was left alone those nearly twenty years ago, in the same state we used to be there; there are books, furniture full of clothing, dinnerware, in the bathroom is even left old shaving stuff and a toothbrush; it looks a bit like left after some kind of disaster, surprisingly full of all the personal stuff, like if a war or earthquake or something came and the people in had to leave in a big hurry, letting everything rot behind.
But nothing happened, really, we just moved few tens of metres away, not even in kilometres. From the windows facing south west we can without problems see the old shack.
So I took my chance to try the 50mm lens in there, since last time I had only a telephoto one; and I went those few tens of meters to the old, wet building – if statics came across it, they would probably order us to tear it down.
But they didn’t and the house is still standing, as left in 1990′.

Definitively Cloudy

Our second week in Czech is still very cloudy and storms are coming on daily basis. Raining outside, and raining inside – if I can call the flood of problems which just coming and coming and coming towards us.
Nothing at all got solved so far as new hurdles just stand in our way; but hopefully we are slowly crawling to some solutions in a month or two.
We gave up the try to have it all smoothly and quickly done – apparently it’s not in the dictionaries of our governments.
The days in Czech are long and wet now, full of strange looks and whispers, hard to not to notice me I presume; I got already used to it but I guess I feel often offended as it was referred to me recently as rather grumpy faced. Well I could as well refer to some poeple as very naive, when they think I can’t hear through hijab at all.
My doctor in hospital carefully proposed a medicine for my problem, probably thinking I will refuse from religious reasons, and I surprised her, when I eventually said yes and asked for the best one in her eyes – not only I wasn’t protesting as many fellows Christians might do, but I said I don’t care about the money as far as it helps.

The Kind of Heavenly Marriage

After a year of simple Britain’s procedures when it comes to any official stuff, I almost forgot, how messy it can get around our native governments and laws.
First bad news which stroke me today was the fact that it’s definitely not simple to legalize a British marriage in Czech, although both countries are members of EU and parts of Hague Convention, hence it shouldn’t be a real pain to do stuff between each other – but oh well, at least they don’t insist on dragging my husband from Kuwait to Czech… now. Just tones of papers, translated, stamped and legalized – and than travel to Brno and hope that everything will go through.
Second bad news stroke me a while after that. Well, my paperworks are really just a tiny problem compared to this – Kuwait government refused to legalize British civil marriage. The judge refused the paper, although it was done as the Kuwaiti embassy in Britain demanded; and replied, on my husband’s wonderment, how to make them legalize it after this, that the only way is to sue them.
Yay us. Abood decided to do so – and my holidays in Kuwait swiftly moved to next year – well, hopefully at least that – and my stay in Czech got suddenly prolonged to 2 months. The court process won’t get cheap neither, and there’s still this tiny possibility, that even that ruling will go against us…
My husband seems to reach his boundaries at this summer already, and we are still not even a half way through.
Every time we think, oh, finally, we got it over with, something new stands up and stick right in the middle of our way, and doesn’t make it easy for us to avoid it, jump over, go under, whatever…
So now, what is left? Hope. And our, recently very popular, yet with a bitter taste, saying, that everything, what goes with difficulties, has a greater reward for us… in this case, our marriage is getting heavenly.