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Christmas Aftermath, Boxing Day & New Feature of the Site

Well, I can’t really say we’ve got any Christmas aftermath, as we actually didn’t have any Christams in the sense of traditional tree, presents, fish (carp, eventually – I really never liked it, this muddy structure of the meat is just gooweee, so sue me!), all the hugging and kissing under the lamp with hanging mistletoe… we just had a bit of its atmosphere, mixed with the mourning of Ashura (which starts officially today), so kinda strange, I gotta say.
Tomorrow is a Boxing Day in UK, all the shops will be opened since the very morning and will be offering discounts starting at 50% and ending at 90% off the price, I wanted to drag my hubby to Marks&Spencer as we got £50 vouchers for this shop for being customers of Sky (Now tell me, which internet and TV provider in Czech will give you equivallent of 1500 CzK just to thank you you are his customer? Not mentioning, that clothing is cheaper in here than in CZ when it comes to brands.) After giving it a thought we’ve decided not to go though, as the Boxing Day is something extremely popular and hence very crowded. Why having so much stress just to get a damn discount, huh?
I can, however, imagine the impact of something like a Boxing Day implemented in Czech – a lot of dead seniors and discount-craving-monsters elbowing each other in the faces just to get the cheapest brand! Am I being a meanie towards my own nation? I supposse I am a little bit – but there’s no smoke without fire, right?