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All Done! (Blessed Eid Al-Adha and Happy Thanksgiving to All)

Finally I’ve – hopefully – finished setting everything up, all posts should have valid permalinks, read more tag at the longer ones, proper categories assigned, and links out working – though it gave me a bit to remember them all. For my luck I’m not much a graphoman so it took only about 80 articles to edit (I decided to make most of the Islamic stuff private, for now) manually.
Frustrating experience. Those movings will kill me one day. I just hope it’s all right now and I can stick with WP for long time. Drupal was a great thing but for blog only it’s quite heavy CMS, taking 70+ tables in MySQL, while WP is ok with 10. And I have the blog only; so no reason to use Drupal for now, unless I want a complex website – which I don’t.
I’ve lost few recent articles and comments though when the blog got wiped out yesterday (the backup I had unfortunately didn’t have them, it was about a week old), but I hope noone will hold the lost comments against me – I certainly didn’t delete them intentionally.
So happy late Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates; and blessed Eid Al-Adha to the ones who celebrate it as well.

Going Not Really Randomly Mad

Bad Blog Day today, I assume.
The initial moving was ok, but additional attempt to move it on the root failed big time and wiped the whole site out. So the first losing of few recent articles and comments seemed to be silly suddenly…
I managed to get it back through Drupal; but than that one screwed somewhere during uninstall and lead to ghost file, causing a fatal error in my database.
So I had to redo it, in the end counting on four damn times, it took me the whole day and a lot of nerves (especially when I really thought I am left with all posts wiped out  for the second time – but now it would’ve been my fault, and that I didn’t really like.)
I’m finished with any attempts to move anything anywhere by now. There’s still some annoying error when it comes to links, but it’s way too late for me to solve it now and my nerves are really on the border of beating my poor laptop up, though I know it’s not its mistake.
I have still a lot of manual editing to be done – namely putting  <More> tag in every single post which is unbearably long; sorting out categories which didn’t get imported from the old Drupal backup; manually assigning each single post to its original category; editing broken permalinks on certain posts, mainly the ones written in Czech; getting my counters up and running; and letting the few people know I’m back on the site and it should be, inshallah, ok now.
I’m no good with scripting as I can see, but I eventually managed to battle through it with this awesome guide, which helped really a lot. So if you are moving your website from Drupal to WordPress, be sure to check it.
I so, so, sooo hate any moving of bigger chunks of files. I really do hope it’s completely behind me for several months at least. I need my calm! And for that I want to have my blog running, to keep my memories somewhere else than on paper. I’m still partially sad about the whole year 2008 which got lost in vacuum of internet by someones fault, not mine, that is sure at least for this point, heh. Our first year in UK… oh well.
I’m off to bed, for now…

The Goo’ Ol’ Times

Although I don’t have any access to any decent PC now, namely my own notebook, I still do like to take pictures on my camera; all the taken photographs are still on my memory card and have to wait for me to come back to N’Castle – but it will be, in the end, unexpectedly soon.
I didn’t wanna let slip away one photo opportunity these days: we own an old, far more than 100 years old, house in the same town we live now, and the old house is left empty already many years; nearly twenty now.
We used to live there for a short while, I mean we as our current, recent family; I have some memories tied to the place still. But before us, long time ago, there was living the previous part of our family, my dad, my grandmother, even grand-grandparents.
And the house was left alone those nearly twenty years ago, in the same state we used to be there; there are books, furniture full of clothing, dinnerware, in the bathroom is even left old shaving stuff and a toothbrush; it looks a bit like left after some kind of disaster, surprisingly full of all the personal stuff, like if a war or earthquake or something came and the people in had to leave in a big hurry, letting everything rot behind.
But nothing happened, really, we just moved few tens of metres away, not even in kilometres. From the windows facing south west we can without problems see the old shack.
So I took my chance to try the 50mm lens in there, since last time I had only a telephoto one; and I went those few tens of meters to the old, wet building – if statics came across it, they would probably order us to tear it down.
But they didn’t and the house is still standing, as left in 1990′.

New Life in a New Country with a New Man

September 2007, UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I don’t quite recall all the hustle after the Jet landed.
Getting out of the plane, laying my foot for the first time in our new hometown, getting our stuff from the airport to the cab. We all were so incredibly tired. And all the people with that heavy accent, which makes my life miserable up until these days.
The hotel we reserved few days before arrival to UK came out to be cosy and nice, although on a busy street, but so much out of hand when it came to going to Northumbria University and looking for a flat around it’s vicinity.
Gateshead is not close to any university, not by feet, which was the only mean of transport for us most of the time (exception was starving, tired and lost in city, than we got a cab).
English breakfast, dinner mostly pizza from Pizza Hut on the other side of street, sometimes order from the hotel kitchen, which wasn’t cheap. My first and last time having Fish&Chips. Hubby doesn’t like it. At all.
We had a 14 day reservation of a small room with one small window and really strange kind of heater, which we didn’t much figure out how to make it work properly (it seemed to work only in the evening and night and let us freeze during the morning and evening, really practical).
We were together in strange country surrounded by circumstances and people we didn’t know. It was so stressful for me, I can’t even imagine, how much pressure it was for poor Aboody, who had to start to attend school, look for flat and to add some spice, the month of Ramadan came about 5 days after our arrival. We were still in the hotel and the days in northern England were so long in September, that he seemed to get almost transparent from hunger sometimes. And certainly not pleasant and cuddly all the time – who would blame him.

The Crucial Third Date

The evening our plane landed, rolling on the concrete of Newcastle International Airport, we had our third official, face-to-face, date with (F)DH*.
Not as a saying, for real.
Let’s make a short turn deeper in my funny past; we know each other for about seven years now (since I was on a grammar school). We didn’t think about each other in any other way but as friends, even our first meeting and ‘date’ was something innocent and without kiss or anything more. Just talking and walking through Vysehrad.
I had my life and Abood had his own. We were just two people from different ends of the world, who wanted to meet in real, not only through internet (where we actually first came across each other), post and phone, but we were both having our own route in life and they met quite accidentally and for a short while only at that time.
Since that point we had a short communication break, than we started talk to each other again and I gave birth to my sweet daughter; which was due to wrong decisions of mine without father (and will always be without the biological one); moved from Prague back to my hometown in south Bohemia, but we kept being in touch.
Our second date took place in 2007, in Roudnice, now intentionally.
Abood, seeing my not-so-pleasant situation back at home, where I was taking care of a newborn as well as almost 90 years old grandmother suffering of aggressive form of dementia, made an unimaginable step for our European point of view – offered me marriage, steady house, happy (hopefully) life. And I made another step in not so western way and agreed.
We decided to have a ‘test drive’ in muta’a; that was our second date. 14 days, one place, me, Dori and him. We clicked at the first time we saw each other and the 14 days just confirmed that it can work out. Dori fell in love with him; he knew without doubts how to treat a child and a woman, I didn’t have a problem to say yes to the – at that time – agreement. We went once again our own ways, me back to the south of the Czech, him to the Kuwait.

Easy with that Jet

September 2007

My first flight ever; September 2007.
We took off by car from out little town heading north to Prague and we almost came late.
Such a strange moment it was; I was excited and scared at that same moment. It was a radical decision which followed after series of unfortunate events and now I’m glad I made it – it changed my life, took it and ripped it off its roots and placed it in a new garden.
I had only one quite small case with clothes of mine and my daughter, mobile, old compact camera, Quran and my diary. Passport, keys (I didn’t use them since that point), vaccination card. All my life left behind and my tiny new family moving on, to a different life and place. How nervous can one be?
It took us almost 3 hours by car to reach the airport, Dori was so tired in car already, and there was still a lot of traveling waiting for us to be done.
When we finally managed to find the right exit to the right gate on the right airport, my father helped me with my black suitcase, small child trolley and Dori and walked with us towards the entrance; in front of the hall was standing Abood, a man I met for the third time in my life at that particular moment. It was our third date and we were moving to United Kingdom to start a new life, now together, as a new family.
Quick? Naaah. Maybe a little bit.