Spoiled? // by DarkHoliday

I Keep thinking about stuff. Things that doesn’t matter and has no effect on me what so ever but I cannot help but think about it and wonder. Why!!!!
One of which, and I know this is totally lame and might sound not good but, hey this is my blog, Emo’s, Ive had many discussions with some friends who are not emos cause I have none who are, about the point of it, what is an Emo? I thought it was some kind of animal but i was told it was a group of people who live in sadness and pain.

Who try to kill them selves due to the amount of pain and sorrow they go through. At that point I said heck that must be 90% of the planet. I mean can you imagine how many people have suffered from wars directly or indirectly. Then the shock of truth came when i was told nope its not the people in Iraq who lost loved ones, its not the families of soldiers who were sent to fight a war they did not even know why they are fighting it or based on personal gains, It is not the people who suffered from dictators and torture. It is not.. etc. It is the young people who hate their parents (as far as I know and was told) young people who just hate life because it is boring or what ever. Who listen to sad songs and actually be affected by it and think that the world is not worth living and it is filled with sadness.
I am not judging :P but I was in Kuwait during the invasion by the Iraqi army. I have seen a guy get shot in the head, falls in front of me and breathing his last breath. The sniper comes with his battalion and check if he is dead or alive than hang him in our neighbor hood for 3 weeks. Till his body scent filled the whole area just to show us that they will not think twice about killing us for stupid reasons.
During that time I was 13-14 yrs. I was playing soccer (football to the rest of the world) when 2 soldiers came to me and my friends and said they want to play but we should fallow their rules which are as follow:
If we score we get beaten
If we intercept we get beaten
If you take the ball away we get beaten and if we don’t play we get killed.
Needless to say we played and I got the S… kicked out of me cause i did intercept I did score and I took the ball away. thats when my dad beat the crap out of me, more than the Iraqis did because I risked my life and my fellow Kuwaitis.
I tell you what, If you are an Emo and you think you had it tough Tell me and I promise you that I can prove to you that there are people who suffered more than you and in worse conditions than you and still have a smile on their faces.
Be strong, Life is fun to live but the thing is you get to do it only once (unless you believe in reincarnation). I believe in the saying “if you other people’s misfortune you will see that you have it better than most”.
Oh and just by the by I mean the Emos who try to kill them selves not the ones who have the hair cut and dress like them. If you see that the description of Emo doesn’t fit you that I don’t mean you :P

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