Some Reasons…

… why I do love my husband so much.

  • He is just adorable. His smile, his eyes, his spirit.
  • He tolerates my moods, even the dangers of PMS.
  • He brings me Kinder Bueno when I PMS, knowing I will eat everything around.
  • He eats the food I cook and thanks for every dinner, saying it was wonderful, although I know my cooking is pretty aweful.
  • He cares when I’m late and gets worried because of that, even if it’s ten minutes only.
  • He buys me things I’ve only thought about having.
  • He brings me roses every once a while! That is just so awesome and gentlemanlike and adorable.
  • He is good in his character and has the right values as a man, as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a brother, as an uncle, as any possible role in life. His personal morals are high and he’s a wonderful example of grown-up for our daughter.
  • He is patient with my crazy ideas and demands.
  • He brings me milk even after 8pm.
  • He buys me toilet paper, because I’m European and he wants me to feel comfortable – though I don’t really use toilet paper anymore.
  • He stays at home with the family and doesn’t go out with friends or to play pool – his favourite – although I want him to have fun besides home.
  • He is willing to help anytime with anything I ask for. Peeling potatoes, shopping, even cleaning.
  • He takes care of the home trash-cans and bins automatically – so I don’t need to go out with trash. I love how considerate this is.
  • Although he’s a smoker, he never ever smokes in house or in front of me or our daughter.
  • He perfectly takes care of Dori when I feel sick or ill.
  • He has more perfumes than I do – and he always smells wonderful!

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