Settling In

Alhamdulilah we found a flat – rather quickly, so that worry is off; now just to re-paint the walls as some rooms are shaded in really hideous colours (like … lime…? … purge…? … green…?) and furnish it – pain for Abu’s wallet mainly. This will take some time so we are still residing in one bedroom with bathroom detached from the main house of the family, and probably will reside for about a month or two more. I might get crazy from the (optically) confined place, but I have to say that hubby is trying hard to make my time good and not boring.
Today we went to check out the oh-so-known Kuwaiti water towers, one of the most remarkable landmarks of this small desert country. It’s like a Big Ben of Kuwait, if we may.


The blue-tiled towers are much bigger than it occurred to me from Googling pictures at the time being in Britain, and certainly still popular among natives as well as foreigners. We didn’t go to the restaurant inside, and enjoyed our view over the Gulf and the City itself. In the night, it’s all glittery and the skyscrapers really seem to scrape the sky, at least with the security lights intended for air planes and helicopters. Obviously some new towers were build in the town as even Abu was wondering about few of them – three years out of the country and it changed its shape more than he’d expected.

We spend many mornings in the pool room now, where’s my poor husband trying to knock some billiard moves into me, so far more unsuccessfully rather than successfully. It’s fun though, so why not; as far as I don’t rip the table cloth with my cue, I’m on the safe side. Right?


  1. Post
    Um Abbas

    All the lights and no stars :D Unless I get deep into the desert, I would guess…
    Yeah, KWT is full of various water towers, though these three are empty now, or rather full of people and tourists. :D
    We found apartment, but there’s still plenty of things to be done :(

  2. Tionois

    You already found an appartment? You’re lucky! Kuwait night city looks amazing, with all the lighting and stuff. And water tower is a piece of architecture! I remember studying contemporary Finnish architects and it was all just libraries, churches and water towers :D

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