So, Who’s Gonna Move with Me to Europe?

The end of summer is near, well, at least in Czech and such, not here – here we will enjoy insanely sunny weather for few more months. Even than, it will be sunny. Just not so baking-biscuits-on-a-car hot.
Abbas grew up in strength and voice, that’s for sure (alhamdulilah), went through two rounds of vaccinations already, I went through one attempt to make my husband aware of the risks of that, especially the recent link of MMR vaccine to autism; needless to say unsuccessfully.

Dori’s holidays are also almost over and she is slowly preparing to get on board of an Kuwaiti, jaffari, and Arabic-only school. Good luck to her! She likes their pink abaya uniform, so let’s see, if it will be enough to soothe the stress from a foreign-language school.
I wrote to the San Francisco University in an attempt to take part in illustration and photography studies, and when I actually recieved an email as an answer (that’s new for me! All the other online schools just ignored me), I kinda feel like chickening out. It might get costy and after all, does a housewife really need to be a capable book illustrator? Do I even have any time, with that little velcro monkey Abbas, to study, let alone to draw for exams?
Ah, I am torn apart now. ‘Will see. When I get some sleep on it.
Anyways; Hubby came home recently and asked me to research some properties in Czech Rep., namely close to my parents, and how much it would cost to buy a decent house over there. He somehow forgot to mention why for a time being untill I dug it out from him – Iran made an official threat to Kuwait, and that being that if Syria falls (we all know what regime Iran supports and how likely that is going to stay there), they intend to take over Kuwait. Well, three times cheer for the country’s strategic position in the Gulf. I’d prefer to be inland right now. Far. I cannot locate any English based article regarding this anywhere, but I wouldn’t really wonder if this was true.
So, yeah. A house. Far away from this crazed area. Great idea. Hubby?!