Racists? // by DarkHoliday

It is funny when you come across someone who thinks that some other race is less important that him/her self. What defines a person better than the other? Skin colour? Belief? Money? Education? Nationality?
If a white person works, a black person works, a brown person works and red person works, as their boss would u side by your race? or treat them equally? who works harder get the candy? or it doesn’t matter the other 3 wont get a head as long as there is one of your race is there?
Let me simplify it a bit more with an example on my self. I was to supervise 4 men/women 1 is Caucasian 1 is from Africa 1 from Kuwait and 1 from China. should I stand by the Kuwaiti just because we are fellow Kuwaitis?
I have asked my friend Stuart a question and I wanted to see his answer. The question was “if you had the chance of save one life between an Arab or a British, who would you pick?” he paused looked at me and said “there is no right answer to this is there?” i said nope but since you said you will answer, now tell me. As I remember ( am i am bad at this) he said “I’m not sure but most likely the British and it depends on how each person looks”. Well that makes a bit of sense to me. I mean if I had a feeling that the British person was a redneck I wouldn’t save him. However if the Arab was one of those who claims that everyone is an infidel I wouldn’t want to save him either :P.
Now to go on a bigger scale from skin colour to something a bit larger which covers a lot of people. I mean the people who think that if you are from the same country then you are perfect, if you are from some where else then you are inferior.
Once upon a time An email was sent to me. A hate email it was short contained one word and I honestly did not understand it. I had to email that person back asking what does he mean?
It contained the word Paki. Now I am from Kuwait, which that person seems to not know where that is and apparently the only thing he knew was that word. So I replied (which i though he was indicating that i am from Pakistan) What do you mean ( thinking that that person is capable of reading that I am from Kuwait not just In Kuwait) that person replied with vulgar words which made me know that, yeah, OK there goes my theory that people are not stupid they just act like it. Now I did not find it offencive that I was called a Pakistani, But the words that followed were iffy. Anyhow, In England Which I am spending my time here for professional reasons, I was called a F…en immigrant. I was pissed off but I could not do a thing cause the moment I do I would’ve lowered my self. now the people who personally know me, know what kind of a temper i have. But I guess age came into factor here also the surrounding situation. If this would have happened in Kuwait, that would be a different story. But I did not want to give the newspapers something to write about. Also I believe that me as a foreigner here I represent Kuwait. If I act like an animal then that will reflect on My country.
Hmm I lost my chain of thoughts, ….. I have a question, if I hate a racist does that make me a racist? Hate a hater makes me a hater doesn’t it?
The End :P

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