Odd, you are Odd

And they say, “Why did you marry him?”, so what I should reply to those curious people? And are they even curious, or just asking to state a fact, “We don’t like him.”
I am so sure you all do not, so what, do I really care? The world is so silly, not the world, the people, these terrible creatures of God. So what, do I care? Not at all, cut me some slack. Did you marry him to talk bad behind my back? Backbiting, that’s how is it called, and that word sounds so true suddenly, feeling like small vicious demons jumping around with sharp teeth tearing our skin apart. Teeth, so sharp and poisonous, as the minds of the celebrated humans of my civilization; “The only free and true society,” they say; and they hold their fingers crossed hidden in the dark, blending into the shadows, whispering, “It is a lie, it is a lie!”
I know, it is; I see behind that heavy curtain of lies, but that curtain was knit for so long, and so tight; that you may be called mad if you try to see behind; and I know sometimes you try to lift the heavy beaded corner and see, “Is there any light behind?”
There isn’t any light behind, but once you see through, you know; people are not gray, and world is not just shades of black and white. They told you that and they taught you that, but when you see, your eyes wide open; not gray, but colours. But who can really see? Mad people, mad people, that’s how they call them. But who is really sane, in this society?

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