My new book!

Although it doesn’t seem to be much for many people, I am happy. After 3 years of not having any books to read, I bough my first (english) book to read. Better than PC, definitively. And I know we have online libraries, but come on, who actually reads a book sitting at the PC? Not me, I am sure.
This is my baby:
The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex by Charles Darwin.
I bought it in a small shop at the corner of our street. It is an antique shop, we may say – run by a young man who spends all his free time by reading tons and tons of books and collecting them; the things he has twice, or didn’t like, or just feels like sharing, he sells in his bookshop. From really new books up to ‘treasures’ 50 and more years old (whole shelf about soviet socialism, for example, caught my eye for really long, lol).
It’s a lovely place and I have to say, that although I entered the shop all in black, in hijab and lose clothes, obviously so Muslim (he seemed to be really surprised to see me in there), he didn’t move a muscle when I was paying the 5 pounds for book like that (obviously non-Muslim).
I am sure I will visit that lil shop many times in future, because he seems to have a nice collection of books I might be interested in. And the book frustration does a lot!