My Hobby is Doll Making

Well, it’s not, actually. But I’m trying to felt one doll for Dori, so far it was fun, now the poor thing lays around the main bedroom window, half dead half alive and certainly rather creepy (limbless), because I seem to be incapable to push myself into felting it some feet and arms, so I can dress it.
I should, though. The boxes for Kuwait with most of the stuff we have will be shipped very soon, and I won’t have much things left to do. Also, I intended to finish the toy before departing, so Dori can have it matched with her felted purse, which she – I’m happy – likes and wears.


The poor baby is sick now, crying her eyes out because of so much pain caused by epitympanitis and the doctor’s generous share of Paracetamol but nothing else for its management. I think a doll like that would make her a bit smilier, maybe even forget the pain for a little moment and have fun a bit around the bed.
She took over my half of it, completely ignoring her own basinet – clever girl, she knows where it’s comfy. I just pray that the inflammation will fade before Thursday, or we are so doomed on the plane. And all the passengers in the same cabin as well..