My determination to get what I want

About three years back I asked on one Sims 2 modding forum, if they can make a nice mesh for some ‘modesty’ clothes, because although Sims have hundreds of thematical download sites, there’s almost nothing for Muslim families, if you create some. One piece of hijab and that’s where it ends.
For my luck, nobody ever reacted; and I decided to learn the meshing techniques and recolouring of Sims stuff with the determination that if nobody can help me, I will help myself.
Yesterday I started to go through long tutorials about meshing and recolouring, and after like 3 hours of nonstop work in Photoshop (where I’m not much skilled neither, lol) I came up with my very first recolour for my Sims! Yay.

Now just master it together with creating new meshes, and I can do what I’ve ever wanted – besides Indian families, medieval families, Asians, Africans and others, I will finally have one nice Muslim family.
I like diversity even in game!