Let It Snow!

It kept on snowing throughout the night and this is what we have woken up into. It actually managed to survive the whole day, and some a bit snow-crazy english people took slides and went to try to slide on the poor grass in the park; when it didn’t go well, they just moved on the actual path and nicely slided it till ice for all the normal people who wanted to walk and not on the grass… Newcastle seems to go quite mad whenever any snow appears as it is not much common in here (maximally few days during the winter), so when the snow actually lands, all the families and kids and youth flood out of the homes and head towards all possible parks, green and flat areas and try to slide down, no matter how short, bumpy and green the thing is. That’s some spirit! (But I hear the grass crying, though.)

Heaton under Snow, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Heaton Park, December Snow

Backstreet, Heaton, Snow