Since 1991 when I went with my family to U.A.E after liberation of Kuwait. I was about 14yrs. My family bought me a small cassette player. I was in that phase of life when I followed the fashion which was really funny and whenever I remember i laugh and turn red from embarrassment. Anyways that is not the point. The point is when I received that cassette player I needed cassettes to listen to (duh!!) so I bought from a shop called Soul2Soul in Salmiyah in Kuwait (it is closed now as far as I know).

One of the songs that were in a mix and I liked very much was the one I did not know the name of and it was just for few seconds. All I remembered from it was “one more time, I did not know how much I loved you”. If you ask my Wife she will say i recite that quiet often. From that date till the 22nd of April 2009 I couldn’t nor were not able to find it. I was sitting with my wife listen to Coldplay Clocks. I mention that to her for the 2nd time as far as i recall. What made me post this is, Took me over 16years to find it and it took her no more than 10 seconds :S. I am shocked. She just looked at me while i started to recite it, started to type and she said are these are the words? I was o.O Oh My God, yeah. She said “there you go” its Timmy T one more try. one more try Listen to it, NOW!!!
That is all I have to say of this matter.