This is, officially, our third day in Czech so far. Well, if I may count in the day of our arrival, as it was really just few tired hours before the next day came, indeed. But, oh well – third day.
Dori, my daughter, seems to adapt very quickly, at least when it comes to knowing who will spoil her and allow more things than her bad, bad mama, who tries to say very loud and strict “No,” on most of her demands, such as chocolate during the day just like that, cocoa milk for breakfast instead of our normal custom when she gets it just after the dinner, if she was behaving nicely the whole day and ate her whole dinner; also she knows that random outbursts of crying will now bring her intended attention from at least two people in the house; hence during last ~50 hours I became the least favourited member of the family, who is used only for feeding, peeing and occasional drop of a kiss – so the peeing and feeding won’t accidentally stop.
The three days of our stay are all extremely humid, though. The weather is just like another summer in Czech, with randomly coming storms, shorter or longer ones, often circling over the small area of the little town we are living in, coming to and fro as a mad swing in the wind, so sometimes we have the same storm three times in a row within quite a short period of time, like one or two hours; forcing us to switch on and off our computers and stuff we won’t wanna get fried if so happens that the lightning will hit right our house – or the neighbours, which is, in the end, the same building. It’s been said to me that right few days ago a lightning hit one of the houses in the town and completely burnt all the electronics in the house, and going through cables destroyed even few more PCs, which were still in the net. Hard to know, where lays the real truth, since this is really just a small town and all those sayings and fames spread rather quickly and you know it, one adds that and second this, and the end receiver has a completely different story, a true remake, version not really much believable and true to the original event. So lets say that at least one PC got fried due to an unfortunate yet normal natural event.
Being used on rainy weather and cloudy days from the northern Britain I don’t really mind the frowning sky, but the humidity which is a bit awkward and different from the steady English one; it’s somewhat warm outside, 20 – 25 degrees of Celsius, and it feels like a big, wet oven rather often. Especially in hijab and long sleeves, it’s a bit like having a medieval bath, being in clothes all the time, yet soaking wet.
It seems that people of the town finally got a bit used to the weird fact they have a hijabi in town, although it took them about 3 years of stares and gestures and whispering behind my back – as if I couldn’t really hear through the layers of fabric on my ear, so some seems to be a bit ok, while there are (and I kind of presume always will be) some others, who will always stare and shake their heads in wonder, how the unfaithful, strange Muslim got in the heart of their town – but wait, it’s not even a tourist, it’s one of them. How betrayed do some people have to feel.
But generally I feel a bit more comfortable this year in my country, known to be very uptight and intolerant, or maybe I just really got used to it and I ignore the people’s judgemental and curious looks. The only fact which seems to be against me is the bloody humidity; how can someone act very laid-back and fresh, when he’s swimming in his sweat, I didn’t still figure out. But, I guess, time will bring the solution.

PS.: I forgot to bring an USB cable for my Pentax camera, so the photographs from Czech will be available either after the arrival to Kuwait, or when I come across a PC with memory card reader. Which doesn’t, unfortunately, seems to reside in this house right now.

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