Getting it Prepared

Hubby leaves to London tomorrow to pick up our accidentally-allowed tourist visas with a fine hope of legalising our stay in Kuwait later on, during the three months of their duration, and was half packing (for moving) and half picking clothes (to wear for the trip), when he stumbled upon his only dishdasha he brought to England just for my sake, when I was intending to shoot some pics with it. He forgot to bring his kufi the first time so it wasn’t possible and when he brought it a year later, I already forgot about my desire (obviously it wasn’t so strong).


Now, when going through the hills of our clothes we managed to gather in three years of living in Britain, he found the whole set and put it on, just for me. I have that weird thing for traditional Gulf attire, I find it more sexy than jeans and a T-shirt. It just looks so clean and nice. And Abood definitely looks really shmexy in it – for me, that is!



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    Um Abbas

    Fatma, well yeah, it really is hot in here :D But you still can travel around, if nothing. Or emigrate, but if you’re Kuwaiti, your government will be sad – not many genuine Kuwaitis in Kuwait, after all. :D

  2. Fatemah Alsayegh

    Heritage and traditions of Kuwait really wonderful, But I do not like to wear a lot . Actually coming back to Kuwait makes me feel bored ! I was in Indonesia for around month , weather was amazing , when I went back home I felt bad .. It’s hot here . I wish I can fly away from this .

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    Um Abbas

    Well hubby has long hair every end of the year, if that calms you down :D I like it, it’s really nice. I’ll probably try to stuff poor Abdullah into that attire all the time. Even as pyjamas, lol.

  4. Tionois

    I like the body part but not sure about the head piece – something about the cloth being long combined with hair being short unnerves me a little… probably custom.
    I like it, actually. And jeans and T-shirt is supposed to be sexy? Hmm…

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