Flickr Cleansing

My contact list got cut in half; one piece got classified as a junk, second as inspiring, having potential, great talent or just really professional photographers. I got really, really pissed off when I saw certain people re-uploading one and only one picture of their, which was taken with mobile and the main subject of picture was something like “My awesome and cute eyes,” “My new fingernails,” “The piece of hijab, which should be covering my head, but slipped away,” and this one picture having 5 pages of comments of “Awesome work, keep it up!”, “Great talent, superb bokeh,” and other pearls of hidden dating communication.
And yes, it took me 2 years on Flickr to realize that 98% of Middle Eastern community residing on that site uses photography as a poor excuse to pick up guys and girls. I never claimed to be a thunder bolt of thinking; and Abood always claimed I’m too nice to people and I want to please everybody (in that particular case by reciprocating when added as an contact).
My salutations to ingenuity of society where dating is still frowned upon, but pals! Do not try to include me in it, please. I’m happily married to an handsome Kuwaiti man, but it doesn’t really mean I wanna network and chit chat with all Kuwaitis on site where I want to only share some captures with my family and friends and, of course and without any doubts, look for talented photographers, unexplored artists and commonly persons, who inspire me and push me towards better photography.
I therefore beg your pardon if I deleted you in yesterday’s cleansing hurricane, but I really, really got pissed off. There’s no art in mobile shots of lipsticks and nail polishes, girls, and there’s no art in mind-numbingly repeating self-portraits of your right cheek (which is in your point of view probably more good looking) and awesome new off-road and eagle, guys. The art of photography is in seeing the world by your own eyes, capturing the fragile moments of running life, snatching the right amount of soul in your portrait, having a message behind the capture, or simply outstanding view of pretty normal things. Not a lipstick, not a heart made from 2 pages of book, and no, no, no, definitely not a self-portrait gallery. If you wanna network and date, you got Facebook.

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