Easy with that Jet

September 2007

My first flight ever; September 2007.
We took off by car from out little town heading north to Prague and we almost came late.
Such a strange moment it was; I was excited and scared at that same moment. It was a radical decision which followed after series of unfortunate events and now I’m glad I made it – it changed my life, took it and ripped it off its roots and placed it in a new garden.
I had only one quite small case with clothes of mine and my daughter, mobile, old compact camera, Quran and my diary. Passport, keys (I didn’t use them since that point), vaccination card. All my life left behind and my tiny new family moving on, to a different life and place. How nervous can one be?
It took us almost 3 hours by car to reach the airport, Dori was so tired in car already, and there was still a lot of traveling waiting for us to be done.
When we finally managed to find the right exit to the right gate on the right airport, my father helped me with my black suitcase, small child trolley and Dori and walked with us towards the entrance; in front of the hall was standing Abood, a man I met for the third time in my life at that particular moment. It was our third date and we were moving to United Kingdom to start a new life, now together, as a new family.
Quick? Naaah. Maybe a little bit.
I was honestly scared; but also feeling strangely calm, as a horse watching a fire, drawn by it although he realizes it’s hell dangerous and it might end up badly; but it was worth a risk.
My dad shook his hand with my future-to-be-husband, gave him my case and waved; another strange moment. I was living in Prague before that alone, but moving outta country feels totally different, like if maintaining strings you have within a country is easy as breathing, but few more kilometers further it can’t be done; one feels sad, unsure, but awaiting something new, exciting and big to happen. And I had to decide not only for myself, but also for all the future of my little, at that time 1 year old, daughter. Big burden on a woman’s shoulders if she isn’t really persuaded about what she does, if it is the right thing… But I was sure. Funnily enough.
We went through the check-in, put my one case on the belt moving to an area where it will be transferred on the (hopefully) proper plane; took the tickets and moved through customs to wait for the flight.
It came on time and even the two hours of waiting were so exhausting. Dori was woken up for a while and running all around, exploring the huge hall.
We were heading to London, Heathrow, where we were waiting for other two (eventually almost three due to a delay) hours for flight to the north, Newcastle, our new hometown.
Dori was tired and fell asleep on our laps, Abood falling asleep with her, after being on the way already about 7 hours before us, me going crazy from the plane, sick with migraine, afraid and anxious to land already.
But I survived my first flight quite successfully, without bigger problems. As it occurs now, I suffer from sickening migraine every time after the plane takes off and nothing can get rid of it but a good, long and deep sleep. Not in the aircraft, though.
Dori takes flying much more better than I do, so far, for my luck; and although I can’t claim to be a regular traveler by plane, I’m not the real newbie anymore, because I visit my family in Czech every once a while, and I certainly do not use a bus to get there.