Definitively Cloudy

Our second week in Czech is still very cloudy and storms are coming on daily basis. Raining outside, and raining inside – if I can call the flood of problems which just coming and coming and coming towards us.
Nothing at all got solved so far as new hurdles just stand in our way; but hopefully we are slowly crawling to some solutions in a month or two.
We gave up the try to have it all smoothly and quickly done – apparently it’s not in the dictionaries of our governments.
The days in Czech are long and wet now, full of strange looks and whispers, hard to not to notice me I presume; I got already used to it but I guess I feel often offended as it was referred to me recently as rather grumpy faced. Well I could as well refer to some poeple as very naive, when they think I can’t hear through hijab at all.
My doctor in hospital carefully proposed a medicine for my problem, probably thinking I will refuse from religious reasons, and I surprised her, when I eventually said yes and asked for the best one in her eyes – not only I wasn’t protesting as many fellows Christians might do, but I said I don’t care about the money as far as it helps.

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