So seem to be all the days now. Mainly below 5 degrees of C., and this kind of humidy-crawling and creeping cold everywhere. Waking up in the morning means having fingers on feet turn purple from the unwelcoming tiles of kitchen; and doing hot, warming tea seems to be such an impossible task – but so rewarding, when one finally brings the cups into the living room, which has a high fibre carpet and it’s a little bit more bearable in the morning than the coldness of a kitchen area facing the bloody north-east. Beautiful mornings with sun beams shining through the glass of the kitchen door; but the beams don’t warm up at all.
Showering means leaving the shower on for some time before you can step under it, unless you like the quick way of waking up in the morning; and I certainly don’t. Perhaps the real english men do so. Or maybe they’ve just got used to it.
Our millipedia problem got solved by it, though; as well as all the snails are winter-sleeping.
The only slight uncomfort comes from the fact that we don’t really own the proper amount of sweaters for home; neither a suitable jacket for outing. I should check John Lewis for some, I guess, so we can get out more. Not like we got much sunny days now; winter came with full power and though it doesn’t announce itself with snow as in Czech, it still is ubiqutous and we can feel it to the tips of our fingers.


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