A glimpse back to Inktober

I have finally managed to get a little more not-screamingly-amateur pictures of my stuff from this October. Sadly I have never got around to inking the last two, but I started to build upon that ‘character’ idea (she even has a working name!). For the first time, I have actually finished the whole month off — well, counting in the pencil stuff by the end, of course. I will ink those. Soon. One day.

Inktober starts today

I have barely noticed it’s the 1st today (oops), but I have remembered Inktober event and I’m hoping to summon up some art today.
I haven’t decided yet whether to go digital this year, since it could be a good opportunity to create some prints…but traditional has its perks, including simpler setup and action — compared to hooking up a tablet to the PC, using Photoshop, layers, finalizing printable quality, uploading it to Redbubble or so…will see, will see. I could probably do Hair-tober. Or…Pattern-tober.

Or, I could stop crippling the word and start inking.

As a side note, I have Tama-mail somewhere with DHL here in Kuwait and feeling quite childishly excited about it. I bought two M!X tamas for the girls and one (more) for me, so we can play together and create little digital abominations. Now only if the customs moved their bee-hinds and stopped being such snails. (The parcel has been on its way from Japan for some time now, and I’m getting impatient, yes. I can be a baby sometimes.)

Some of my (Older) Portrait Artworks

Sometimes I look at these pictures quite amazed I was capable of producing anything like that…one part of me despairs I’ve gone out of practice over the last months, the other hopes to get back into it and maybe even better one day.
I had a plan of making some colouring pages to sell cheaply but there’s such a flood of them everywhere on the market that I gave up the idea as non-feasible (I really don’t feel like selling several hours worth of work for a dollar.)
All of the bellow is Dragon Age fanart.