Mobile Pics of Czech

I’ve finally managed to download some pictures off my BlackBerry, some from the past quarter a year, that is – mainly from Czech Rep. They’re of a completely horrid quality, but I’ve decided to slap them here anyways, since they’ve got certain “documentary” value, for me at least. Don’t blame the photographer, blame the BlackBerry!

Prague paper fetching

Absintherie – a pub selling and serving Absinth, banned from trading and consumption in most countries of the “civilized” world

Kiddo with grandpa and uncle at the garden of great-grand mother! Heheh.

From around the town my parents live in

The only way I’ve seen my husband for two and a half month – through the screen of MSN.

I’ve got more pictures in my sleeve, naturally, but they’re of even worse quality (and a bunch in very small, pixelized resolution, God knows what possessed me to set the quality in phone camera on low!), and of even more nonsensical (to outer person) sense, so I’ll keep them for myself, if ye will.
As a bonus, I add an ad – a social one even, regarding the trash we see in current Czech (and not only) media.

It says: In the media you are more likely to see a real coitus than a real senior.