Being Stubborn Might Be the Right Way

My poor husband.
Working his all free time off on his final year project for the university graduation, spending every single day at Uni (yes, including all weekends), he created a piece of work after several months of working on it and submitted it to his moderator – and whoops, moderator prefers to cook people in their own juice and rejects those long weeks of studies and writing and work. Hubby came home recently (after finally finishing up his project and happily having one … wait not even one – free day) all sad and grumpy and overally unbearable, saying that his supervisor rejected it for it’s grammar. Nice thing to pick on on a foreign student, that is.
(Un)fortunatley being psychically and spiritually exhausted, my hubby decided to go with his head against the wall and actually printed and submitted the work despite the supervisor’s judgement, and now we both are hoping that if it doesn’t go well with him, the two other moderators behind his butt will correct the doctor and put a good mark on it – and won’t pick on non-present proper royal English…


  1. You Hubby

    @Somebody Nobody, that is exactly who you are, nobody so shoo

    Love you forgot to mention a couple of things. First he is not English (his mother tongue is not English) second he was criticising the:
    First parts that were quoted from “Metal Cutting” which is written by an English Engineer.
    Second parts that were approved by 2 other PhD teachers that are in fact English.

  2. Post
  3. Post
    Um Abbas

    @Somebody: As well as I don’t understand why would a decent person stuff his nose into something what’s not his bussiness at all. So, move on, nothing to see here.

  4. Somebody Nobody

    I can’t fathom how someone as beautiful and awesome as you could have fallen in the trap of Shi’ism… O_o

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