Barbecue Days

Care to sit?

In Newcastle we have two types of barbecue days. One, the ideal, first type, is sunny and almost not windy. That, however, occurs quite rarely and not much people are willing to wait long enough to get it. That’s where the second barbecue day comes into the picture.
Second type of barbecue day is a day as on the picture above. Mostly sunny with very, very, very fresh air. It’s so windy, that our neighbour’s trash can almost smashed us on the walk, because it was just happily flying around in the wind. Day like that is beautiful, but one can’t really wear anything big, because he might simply fly away (and join that trash can on the way of exploration of our area). On the walk one can come across many strange things laying on the streets, from shoes, pieces of clothes, to trash cans from 5 streets away, to armchairs, mattresses, dining tables and other stuff which shouldn’t really be outside.
Needless to say, that as soon as the wind blows away and a calmer (= rainy) day comes, the city council cleans the city from all that brag around and patiently waits for just another barbecue day of a second type.
And why barbecue day? Because families take their small travel grills and sit in any big grass areas, like Heaton Park near our flat, and happily have a ‘dinner out’. On yesterday’s walk we came across two families, one small English, one big Indian. They made me certainly hungry!