Um Abbas

Sometimes feeling out of this world.

Some of my (Older) Portrait Artworks

Sometimes I look at these pictures quite amazed I was capable of producing anything like that…one part of me despairs I’ve gone out of practice over the last months, the other hopes to get back into it and maybe even better one day.
I had a plan of making some colouring pages to sell cheaply but there’s such a flood of them everywhere on the market that I gave up the idea as non-feasible (I really don’t feel like selling several hours worth of work for a dollar.)
All of the bellow is Dragon Age fanart.

There’s Six of Us Now!

Yes, it’s true!
I’ve been blessed by a fourth child, and a third daughter, on April the 8th in the evening. State hospital this time, the Al-Sabah Maternity Hospital in Shuwaikh – not something I’d love to repeat for sure, but nothing to spit at either. Very…medicated. But the staff was great.
Although, I’m kind of hoping that this shop is closed now – I am really, really bad at the baby stages, and I’ve grown too old to manage the hourly waking calls in the night now.
Like, really. I feel absolutely b-r-o-k-e-n every time LJ starts to whimper for food in the night. And she whimpers a lot.
I’ve decided to go full on formula this time around. The breastfeeding battle was short and painful (as it always is with me), and I’m still eaten away by mummy guilt; however for the sake of the (literal) sanity of me and the baby’s, it’s for the better. It just brings too much anxiety and depressive thoughs in my case, and I had quite enough of one battle with PND; no need for a repeat. It can get ugly.
Formula is expensive and fussier for sure…but happy mother, happy child, no?
I’d just be happy if random people stopped (both accidentaly and on purpose) guilt-tripping me about it.