Um Abbas

Sometimes feeling out of this world.


Wandering through the countryside around Aber meant a lot of detours through sheep pens; and through a lot of protective sheep with their lambs. It was nice to see sheep up so close again (though I haven’t attempted any petting, based on my childhood experiences ;) ). The kids didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, though, due to the involved game of “Jump-the-sheep-pie” whenever traversing the pens. There was a lot of them. Pies.


And we did (go to Wales)

Since it’s holidays and all the kids are at home, I have decided to postpone editing (read: converting from .raw to .png) all the pictures and snaps from the trip to later on.
It was an adventure and I loved (almost) every bit of it. I would’ve probably gone without the baby having 40 degrees fevers for the first few days due to teething, but hey – can’t have it all.
The weather was mostly awesome and I did, frankly, even enjoy the rain and drizzle that visited the last day or two. I have missed rain, fog and all the sulky weather shenanigans for years.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the barely two weeks felt quick as a bullet train, and we’re back in the unbearable heat of a Middle Eastern desert.

I promise I’ll get through to the pictures! Eventually.