And Taken Away

The shipping company picked up our living (about half an hour before they announced they will come) and also managed to get right into the time period when hubby was out, so I had to move the heavy stuffed paper alone. I didn’t fail, at least.
Dori’s ear infection went drastically worse and we ended up at A&E in hospital during the night due to her ever-raising fever getting to quite unbearable level. Finally we managed to get antibiotics for her and it seems that it was all she actually needed – not these 5 days of suffering with bare Paracetamol…
Hopefully it will go better now, with her recovering and our departure getting really close (and me getting nervous as a mouse near a snake).



  1. Tionois

    Don’t panic! All you have to do now is to get to airport with tickets, passports and visa. I think you’ll manage! :D

    Thanks God Dori has been taken care of. Five days is an unimaginable long time for a pre-shool child. Now let’s pray she will get better before the flight. If the antibiotics started working immediately all she needs is just some uninterupted sleep.

    Doesn’t Eustachian tube handle distribution of pressure? I have no idea what happens during take-off if it’s stuffed but I imagine it’s not very pleasant.

  2. danka

    Gratulujem k úspešnému pobaleniu, odoslaniu a teraz už len dočkať sa presunu. Uf, tak by som si niekedy priala hop-šup prášok, a to som sa ešte ani nepresúvala na takú vzdialenosť, ako idete vy. A ten prístup britského zdravotníctva, nechápem, veď ste nechceli antibiotiká na nádchu, prepánajána!

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