And It Keeps On Snowing


It keeps on snowing throughout the nights, today at 4 am I was woken up by hails knocking on the window, yeah, hails. In Czech hailing is more common during the summer storms, here it seems to come together with the snow, sometimes falling soft and cute snowflakes and sometimes hails which could be pretty painy on the head.
Because we really weren’t prepared for the snow coming we don’t have any good winter shoes, and we – at least me and Dori – are using sporting shoes suitable for jogging, not diving into the snow, we don’t get much outting right now.
I solved Dori’s wet feet problem by putting shopping bags into her shoes though :-P. Works for the short time of roaming on the rear-yeard, and when the snow is really high, we just try to avoid going out. Works most of the time.


Our neighbour surely hates the snow blanket all over Newcastle Upon Tyne, as his movement ability is rather restricted in deep snow. It requires insane amount of power in his arms to push himself through the layer of whiteness in the streets. He’s a sporty man and he always smiles at us.
I wanted to offer him help today, but I was torn apart between helping and doing a good deed and the fact he’s very proud on the fact he can take care of himself and is independent on the help from outside. Before I’ve decided to actually offer the help (no harm in that, right?) and put on a hijab, he was gone.
I salut to his strength and stubborness to fight this unpleasant weather all by himself.


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