Month: September 2016


It has become a regular habit to go to Khiran and check on the progress of the house (and to give the house guard his wage). It is coming closer to finish line now, but so are we, in all honesty – it certainly isn’t very cheap to build a house through an economic spike (why do prices keep on being high even after the reason behind their raise isn’t present anymore?)

Malls & Co.

Some quick snapshots from inside Avenues and 360.
Malls, shopping centres and alike are a social hub throughout most of the Kuwaiti summer, since they offer acclimatized spaces, restaurants and shops (shopping being one of the favourite local past-times). It is even possible to meet people power-walking through these for sport; since the weather outside is hellish and a gym membership is not for everyone (also, it’s probably more interesting than staring into a wall while marching on a treadmill.)