Month: November 2009

My First WP Theme!

I’ve finally – more or less – finished my first WP template.
It’s build totally from scratch, with a help of tutorials to get me a bit into php and css, but the result isn’t soooo bad, is it?
I will work on the strange sidebar a bit later, so far it’s working well in IE8, FF & Chrome. I might think of putting the theme to be available for download, if someone will want it.
Now, off to bed, it’s so late! I spent two days doing this, heh. It’s really windy outside and the sound of whistling air isn’t particularly calming; not after we watched so many episodes of Lost!

Coffee Girl Preview

All Done! (Blessed Eid Al-Adha and Happy Thanksgiving to All)

Finally I’ve – hopefully – finished setting everything up, all posts should have valid permalinks, read more tag at the longer ones, proper categories assigned, and links out working – though it gave me a bit to remember them all. For my luck I’m not much a graphoman so it took only about 80 articles to edit (I decided to make most of the Islamic stuff private, for now) manually.
Frustrating experience. Those movings will kill me one day. I just hope it’s all right now and I can stick with WP for long time. Drupal was a great thing but for blog only it’s quite heavy CMS, taking 70+ tables in MySQL, while WP is ok with 10. And I have the blog only; so no reason to use Drupal for now, unless I want a complex website – which I don’t.
I’ve lost few recent articles and comments though when the blog got wiped out yesterday (the backup I had unfortunately didn’t have them, it was about a week old), but I hope noone will hold the lost comments against me – I certainly didn’t delete them intentionally.
So happy late Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates; and blessed Eid Al-Adha to the ones who celebrate it as well.

Going Not Really Randomly Mad

Bad Blog Day today, I assume.
The initial moving was ok, but additional attempt to move it on the root failed big time and wiped the whole site out. So the first losing of few recent articles and comments seemed to be silly suddenly…
I managed to get it back through Drupal; but than that one screwed somewhere during uninstall and lead to ghost file, causing a fatal error in my database.
So I had to redo it, in the end counting on four damn times, it took me the whole day and a lot of nerves (especially when I really thought I am left with all posts wiped out  for the second time – but now it would’ve been my fault, and that I didn’t really like.)
I’m finished with any attempts to move anything anywhere by now. There’s still some annoying error when it comes to links, but it’s way too late for me to solve it now and my nerves are really on the border of beating my poor laptop up, though I know it’s not its mistake.
I have still a lot of manual editing to be done – namely putting  <More> tag in every single post which is unbearably long; sorting out categories which didn’t get imported from the old Drupal backup; manually assigning each single post to its original category; editing broken permalinks on certain posts, mainly the ones written in Czech; getting my counters up and running; and letting the few people know I’m back on the site and it should be, inshallah, ok now.
I’m no good with scripting as I can see, but I eventually managed to battle through it with this awesome guide, which helped really a lot. So if you are moving your website from Drupal to WordPress, be sure to check it.
I so, so, sooo hate any moving of bigger chunks of files. I really do hope it’s completely behind me for several months at least. I need my calm! And for that I want to have my blog running, to keep my memories somewhere else than on paper. I’m still partially sad about the whole year 2008 which got lost in vacuum of internet by someones fault, not mine, that is sure at least for this point, heh. Our first year in UK… oh well.
I’m off to bed, for now…

Some Reasons…

… why I do love my husband so much.

  • He is just adorable. His smile, his eyes, his spirit.
  • He tolerates my moods, even the dangers of PMS.
  • He brings me Kinder Bueno when I PMS, knowing I will eat everything around.
  • He eats the food I cook and thanks for every dinner, saying it was wonderful, although I know my cooking is pretty aweful.
  • He cares when I’m late and gets worried because of that, even if it’s ten minutes only.
  • He buys me things I’ve only thought about having.
  • He brings me roses every once a while! That is just so awesome and gentlemanlike and adorable.
  • He is good in his character and has the right values as a man, as a husband, as a father, as a son, as a brother, as an uncle, as any possible role in life. His personal morals are high and he’s a wonderful example of grown-up for our daughter.
  • He is patient with my crazy ideas and demands.
  • He brings me milk even after 8pm.
  • He buys me toilet paper, because I’m European and he wants me to feel comfortable – though I don’t really use toilet paper anymore.
  • He stays at home with the family and doesn’t go out with friends or to play pool – his favourite – although I want him to have fun besides home.
  • He is willing to help anytime with anything I ask for. Peeling potatoes, shopping, even cleaning.
  • He takes care of the home trash-cans and bins automatically – so I don’t need to go out with trash. I love how considerate this is.
  • Although he’s a smoker, he never ever smokes in house or in front of me or our daughter.
  • He perfectly takes care of Dori when I feel sick or ill.
  • He has more perfumes than I do – and he always smells wonderful!

How Do I Smell, Honey?

About half a year ago I used on myself that new, fabulous perfume my husband brought me from Kuwait.
It smells wonderful – tender floral aroma.
I came to the livingroom, where was residing my beloved half, and innocently asked: “How do I smell, honey?”
He, so devilishly honestly, looked at me and replied without moving a muscle: “Like every housewife.”
What is that, did I think? Like baking cupcakes?
“And how does a housewife smell,” inquired silly me.

(A moment of surprised silence on his side.)

“Like onions.”

The Day We All Learnt to Fly

The Day We All Learnt to Fly

Since I’ve started to read books from library once again I also have had to start to pay attention to the dates I need to return them – or else. (Or else its one pound per book per day, that quite makes me keep the dates.)
Today was, quite unfortunately, the last day I had available to go up to the Byker branch and return four books I’ve borrowed from there (or else), hence I had to go even if the weather forecast had been such as falling llamas; I have to say that it’s really close to that, though – looking from the window and remembering the flying on my newly grown wings (made from jilbab).
Very, very unpleasant wind and losing balance in it with my plus minus 60 kg I can’t really imagine how my 12 kg daughter felt like – but she surely grabbed on my hand often very tightly. Uncommon in these days of “ME MYSELF!”, but not as shocking considering the flying trash cans in the back streets.
So, whoever always dreamt of flying without wings – come up to Newcastle today, we guarantee you a really exciting experience! (Try to avoid a head bump to a double-decker, I dare you.)

PS.: Very essenatial information for most people (sarcasm alert) – the photography is taken with my brand new again-older-than-me lens I’ve purchased on eBay. Smc Pentax-M 28mm, f/2.8. On DSLR not really a wide angle, but I’m learning to co-op with it. And I’m starting to love it as my new-old 50mm. God bless Pentax for making cameras able to mount very old lenses on very new bodies!