2 Months Gone, 2 Days Left

Tomorrow night, or better day-after-tomorrow early morning, me and Dori will be leaving Kuwait for period of time further unknown. My previous hectic week trying to stampify my life didn’t work out in terms of successfully getting rid of any visa problems Dori had – eventually, it did nothing, except cost us several hundreds dinars and some weight on my side.

2 months ago I came into a flat buried under the sand after a huge sandstorm.

Dori is still illegal, now with fancy fine on her head, which will be dropped if we leave Kuwait before the 31st of June, which we intend to. In fact, the tickets are booked for 3rd; so inshallah we’ll get out before they go after out wallets.
It doesn’t end by that, however. I’ll have to try out some more running, more complicated, more unpleasant, and once again with dozens of stamps for every dust and sand I want to carry. Well, not literally, but you know – sea of stamps for other stamps for other stamps, so in the end of the day someone behind another stamp might give us the final stamp; Dori’s residency visa.
I’m not particularly delighted by going away so soon again, but can’t do – at least my parenst will see their beloved and so far only grandchild after a year and a half, which is quite a time, if you ask me. She refuses to speak Czech, sometimes speaks Arabi, but her favourite of all times stays English, which she exercises quite a lot.
So yay us, heaps of stress ahead!

Other than that, life’s going on as usual. Heat is omnipresent, clouds are sparse while clear blue sky is a daily bread. It’s almost 7 pm now and outside shade temperature is 45 degrees of Celsius and not really dropping. The sea got warm and often brings to my windows a wave of humid salty air, which makes us sweat on places before unknown; cats’re shedding hair with the speed of fur-balls placed in oven (mainly when I get carried away with fresh airing my room by opening windows; the AC isn’t designed for that so it doesn’t give a damn, really, and makes my room – favourite hangout spot for our kitties – quite hot).
Dori graduated (“..”) from nursery yesterday with a lot of parade, wearing a graduate attire, singing Kuwaiti national anthem dressed in Kuwaiti flag, reciting Qur’an in ihram, singing and dancing with other children and generally having a graduate party I’ve never had. That’s it for school this summer, than to the bigger one, madrasa, inshallah if we get the papers done finally!

She keeps on getting sick with her ears every few weeks since ever she got maltreated in Britain, eats up lots of antibiotics, but there’s not much else we can do about that. Just wishing it away, really. So I can teach her swim, maybe. One day. Riiiight…
My dear hubby invited a whole family to dinner in Mais Alghanim restaurant at the sea yesterday, to treat his brother Faisal and his wife who came back from America for a while (or more? I should ask), as well as to say good bye to me and Dori for now. We had fun and good food, and now I can only pack and wait for a lift to the airport on Friday morning. It will be exhausting trip for many many hours and I can’t imagine how it will go with Dori still on antibiotics and me not being quite fit neither, but inshallah well and we’re be arriving to Czech during the early evening or night on that same day. God be with me, because she loves shopping (the window one) and Dubai airport got a huge duty-free zone, plus our transit is several hours. I can’t walk for several hours shopping! I’m not so much of a womanly woman, to adore that kind of sport…