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Day 34 – Quick Kampf study

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Day 33 – Bargue

Sketched outdoors, inked at home between cleaning…

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Anonymous asked:

Hi, can I ask what kind of pens do you use? The lines in the hatching post are so thin. No matter what I try it never looks this crisp. I use Pigma 005 but your lines seem thinner than […]

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Day 30 & 31 – Line Control Exercises

Not fully finished yet but ran out of time + got some really nice muscle cramp in my wrist.

Love that nib though. <3

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Day 28 & 29 – More studies

I really ought to step up my crosshatching game. Eh.

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Day 27 – Bargue studies

Done with Sakura pen, too lazy to set up actual ink today. (Though I prefer the organic feel of the nib lines over mechanical precision of the Sakura)

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