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Day 56 – Malika

My Sacred Flower healer got herself a new armour and deco, and since there’s only pitiful amount of 9Dragons fanart out there, I thought I might as well draw it. :)

Best viewed in large.


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Day 46 – Dread Wolf Concept

Or what I now call “Why won’t he date you anymore when the moons are full.”

…I’m sick and delirious. That’s my only excuse.

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Day 45 – Happy Kiss-Fen’Harel-Day

*furious winking towards the fandom*

Quick morning doodles to soothe some ruffled feathers within the swamp…erghhh I mean a lovely place…of DA fandom. <3

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Day 44 – Giveaway Portrait, digital pencil

First price from a giveaway, for @wyndx <3

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Day 42, 43 – Salome Athenari, concept

@smuttine poked around some old demons of mine, so I filled two pages with concept of my one (out of total two) OCs from (nonpublished) fanfiction of a DAI AU (Dream of Dales).

(That’s a lot of brackets.)

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Day 40 & 41, Lineart relax

Sketching lazy because I’m feeling lousy. ‘Hairy’ notebook additions.

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