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Well, this is about to be the end of my visit of Czech, I managed – under a handful of stress – to get the stamping done with the last one happening like in an American movie, in the last […]

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So, You Want a Stamp?

Just a short update from my necessary visit of my homeland – I need a simple stamp, on a simple document; as stated in previous entries, I need a stamp from Kuwait Embassy in Czech, on a birth certificate for […]

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The intellect is better than desire, for the intellect makes you a king over your destiny, and desire makes you a slave of your destiny. (Imam Ali, a.s.)

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A Year After

Dramatic heading, isn’t it? :) Not so dramatic content of it, however; it’s just been over a year I’ve been in Czech. Nothing much seems to be changed; Islam still lifts newspapers’ popularity with deeply suggestive content (I’m now referring […]

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En Route

Going to Czech, tomorrow night. Some fishy, I mean – official, business over there for me to take care of; travelling light, with one small luggage, no husband and no daughter. Laptop and pocket money included, as a child of […]

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Winter froze my posting, I see. Nothing much new in here, I found out that Kuwait can have somewhat of a winter (around ten degrees of Celsius), which can be more annoying than it was in England as we have […]

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