Mobile Pics of Czech

I’ve finally managed to download some pictures off my BlackBerry, some from the past quarter a year, that is – mainly from Czech Rep. They’re of a completely horrid quality, but I’ve decided to slap them here anyways, since they’ve [...]

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Back Home, At Last

Finally home! Settled again, we swiftly joined the Ramadan time, and are enjoying our moments of calm now. It's summer, so no school for Dori, and fasting, so not much activities going on except the iftaars at my mother-in-law, which [...]

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Yay! Finally we've managed to get the tickets for our trip back booked and inshallah by tomorrow at this hour I'll be boarding a Emirati plane to Kuwait at Dubai airport. The same flight as always, long and exhausting trip [...]

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Stuck Waiting

Days flow like a sand through my fingers, all same, a copy & paste of each other now - Ramadan always changes the whole tempo of life, but being in Czech and alone changed it a lot. Well; it's my [...]

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What Invalidates Prayer

Urine or excretion, Janabah, menses. One of the invalidating agents of prayer is to turn away from Qibla intentionally or forgetfully, or turning to right or left from Qibla or even turning intentionally so much that it is not towards [...]

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