Houses I Wouldn’t Mind to Live In

Since Kuwait is such a … disparate place when it comes to architecture, and my only hobby while being driven in a car is to look out of the window on the people’s housings, I’ve had this very unoriginal idea [...]

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Last October ’11 Morning

From a very, very brief walk after a breakfast out. (After some blood sucking from my second hand, not sure what place I can offer them tomorrow for the third round of tests.) Pics are taken on my BlackBerry, so [...]

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Days have been passing by one by one, no winter still, not even autumn eventually here in Kuwait. A little drop in outside temperature, all right, but what is 5 or so degrees, when it's still over 30 most of [...]

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Razor Unsharp Air

September is almost over and October approaching, together with (hopefully) milder weather for few weeks - or maybe even a month or two. I can't wait to open the windows in the morning and actually feel the cold air coming, [...]

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Training the Forgotten

Recently I've decided to look upon my drawing past again, with the sad fact I probably can't and ever won't recover the tens or maybe even hundreds of sketches from high school, college and before. I didn't take much things [...]

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How’s Your Ramadan Going?

With the month of fasting being in the middle, most of you who fast surely know their thing already and can get along pretty well - even I got used to the Kuwaiti tempo rather quickly again and managed to [...]

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