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Day 55 – I tried, Nalia

..gotta work on my painting skill, really, this is…not as I expected.

OC Nalia Lavellan belongs to @nipuni

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Loose Lineart

Loose line lineart, cca  30 min each. Might do some more, they are also quite relaxing and undemanding. Just…scribble and doodle around the page :)

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Day 51 – Vagabond

Not really a proper render, based on original 9Dragons artworks.

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Day 50 – Quick figure practice

Had a killer migraine and spent most day holed in dark and silence, trying to sleep, so 15 min study it was…didn’t even have strength to upload it.

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Day 49 – Sera

Trying to unblock my current drawing mojo.

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Day 48

Also called the day I failed at art.

No picture today, tried three times, ended up scraping it all as it was disastrous… today is not a good day for my creativity.

Important is, I did draw…right?

Here’s one of my ‘year ago’ pictures, […]

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