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Lobster Faces and Beach Feet

As the winter is practically over (it’d be around 30°C in shade by now, if it wasn’t for a sandstorm earlier this week which forced the temperatures way down – heck, it was 3°C the morning after it, cold even […]

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Winter’s Edge

An usually chilly morning for Kuwait, even the street cats thought it was way overboard. Hiding from harsh wind (although blissfully salty from the sea), tucked away under concrete blocks trying to warm themselves up in the sun – which […]

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Dreamy Monday Morning

Soooo misty today! Had to run out with camera after taking kiddo to school, couldn’t resist this rare kind of weather in our neighbourhood and let it go unsnapped.
Photo op, right?

Even after dreadfully bad night (young’un is teething and being […]

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The day when the lice came. My waist long hair gone to shoulder, the rest of the household… well, on pics.

Not happy at all!


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Happy Birthday, Old Man!

(Yes, I’m talking about you, dear husband! 37! Wow.)
Had a lovely walk and a lunch at Marina today, although my husband didn’t seem to enjoy it just on the same level as we did. I reckon it could be the […]

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Morning Sun

… after the minor dust-storm yesterday, seeing the sun was – for a change – rather a nice thing.
Some snaps on the way to his nursery during a beautiful sunrise (only 23 degrees Celsius in shade at that time! I’ve […]

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